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Building operations and regulations

What is RPR “Rikspolitiske retningslinjer” ?

Answer: RPR “Rikspolitiske retningslinjer” are instructions relating to national policy and are important regulations concerning how the municipal Planning and Construction sector is to administer the areas.

E.g. national policies regarding the way local governments are to administer the shoreline/coastal areas. RPR is the starting point for the local government’s administration of areas and when considering dispensations.


What are “enkle tiltak” – single actions

Answer: “Enkle tiltak”(single actions) - according to the Norwegian Planning and Building Law are actions that are in agreement with all of the following:

- decisions made by or according to the Plan and Building Law, which includes area and regulation plans

- no neighbours or adjoining neighbours have protested

- further permission, consent or statements from other authorities are not necessary.


The local government is to give answer to an application within 3 weeks. Permission is to be looked upon as given, if the local government does not meet the time limit.


What do I have to do to get a certificate of final completion/temporary permit?

Answer: The applicant may request a certificate of final completion/temporary permit. Declarations and statements from all involved parties that have responsibility for control are to be enclosed with the request.


Validity of building permit  

If the construction work/building operations have not started 3 years after the permit is given, the permit becomes invalid. This also applies if the work stops for more than 2 years.


Why do I have to request the right of bearing responsibility?

As a starting point, only qualified firms can request the right of bearing responsibility, this is according to Norwegian law.


I have a neighbour who has installed a garden pond and I have small children. Is there any requirement for security?

Yes, technical regulations of the Planning and Building Law §7-48 deals with the requirement to protect against drowning.


I would like to build a garage (42 m2). Can I build it myself?

If you build a garage smaller than 70 m2 with only one floor on developed land, you only have to report it, cf. pbl. § 86-a. I.e. you can be the responsible applicant and build it yourself.


Which neighbours do I have to notify when building on my own property?

You have to notify all neighbours adjoining your property and neighbours across the street or road from your property.


Where can I order a general plan with a list of neighbours for my building application?

You can do that at  Servicetorget, where you also will get the necessary forms for the building application.


What is the status of my building application?

Contact Servicetorget. They are able to give you an answer when the application has been registered and dealt with.

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