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Day-care centres, schools and education

Day-care centres

Where can I find information about day-care centres?

Answer: You can find information about day-care centres on Ringerike kommunes website, or you can contact Servicetorget if you do not have access to the Internet.


Where can I find the application forms and how do I apply?

Answer: You will find application forms on the day-care centres websites on the Internet.  Contact Servicetorget if you need help filling out the application form.


Who much does day-care cost?

Answer: The cost of day-care places will at all times be available on Ringerike kommunes website.


Can I change the day-care centre I am using?

To change from one day-care centre to another, you have to make a new application.  

What are the opening hours of the day-care centres?

Most day-care centres are open from 7:00 am til 17:00 pm.  You will find detailed information about the opening hours for every day-care centre on the website.


Can I apply for a leave of absence from a day-care centre?

You cannot apply for a leave of absence from a municipal day-care centre.


Can I increase or reduce the place during the year?

You can increase or reduce your place by making a new application.


What are the procedures for paying for the day-care place?

The following applies for municipal day-care centres: An invoice will be sent every month, except for July. The invoice will arrive at the beginning of each month and payment is due on the 20th of every month.


When are the vacations for elementary and secondary schools?

The prevailing school schedules are always available at the website: www.Ringerike.kommune.no . You may also contact the school directly.


Which school district do we belong to?

Contact Servicetorget, they will assist you.


Classes in Norwegian

Who has the right of receiving studies in Norwegian free of charge?

You can find regulations on IMDI's website.

Or you can contact ”Læringssenteret for voksne” (the School for adult education) – tel. 32 11 79 50

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Contact information

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Visitor's address: 

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PB 123, Sentrum, 3502 Hønefoss

Phone:  +47 32 11 74 00 

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Monday-Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

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