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Healt care

What services are offered to the disabled?

The department offers services such as: day centres, sheltered housing (staff are available part or full time), home nursing care, a support person, youth clubs for the disabled. Contact Bestillerenheten  or Servicetorget for more information.

What is ”eldresenter” (welfare centre for the elderly)?

A welfare centre for the elderly, or Health and activity centre is a meeting place for the elderly. Here you can participate in several activities. There is also the opportunity to order dinner several days a week. There are Health and activity centres located at Hov gård and Heradsbygda dagsenter. 

 What is technical aid and who can receive it?

You can get technical aid so that you can maintain your functional ability as normal as possible – if it has changed either by injury or illness.

As a general rule everyone can receive technical aid – if there is a need.

It is the local government’s responsibility to provide technical aid, if the need is acute for a short time only. If the need is of a more permanent nature, one has to send an application to NAV attn. “Hjelpemiddelsentralen” (Technical Aid Centre).

However there are limitations on what kind of technical aid the local government is able to provide. The most usual are: with physical handicaps, bathing and toilet functions.

In the case of technical aid related to vision and hearing, you can apply for this at NAV/”trygd” (National Insurance). You can apply through your doctor.


What is ”støttekontakt” (support assistant)?

A person who can offer assistance to someone in need of i.e. different surroundings, or needs help going to social gatherings or recreational activites.


 Who can become "støttekontakt” - a support person?

Adults, over the age of 18, with enthusiasm, who also find it rewarding working together with other authorities.  You need conduct. There are no educational demands.


What is ”korttidsopphold” -  short-term stay?

”Korttidsopphold” -  Short-term stay is a stay at a nursing home for a particular reason and for a short time. There are three types of short-term stays: day and night stay (at least 24 hours) – day stay and night stay.


What is ”langtidsopphold” - long-term stay?

People that do not get enough nursing and care through home based services to meet their daily needs, can apply for a long-term stay at a nursing home.


Who can make use of the transport service for the disabled?

People who have difficulty using the ordinary public transport facilities becuse of their disability can apply. A medical certificate must be attached to the application.


What is a remote control safety alarm -  ”trygghetsalarm” - and who can receive this?

The user carries the remote control safety alarm on his or her self so that they are able to get help in acute situations. The remote control safety alarm is linked to a security service that passes the alarm on to the home nursing service department. The security service or the local government civil servants attend around the clock if the alarm is sounded.

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