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Housing benefits

Where can I find information about “startlån”?

“Startlån” are the means local governments have for helping people with financial difficulties so that they are able to get a place to live or if your current accommodation needs renovation.

You can get the forms you need at the Service Centre. They can help you fill them in. You can also download the forms from the website www.husbanken.no


“Bostøtte” (Housing Benefits)

Where can I get information on housing benefits and where can I find the application forms?

You can get information on housing benefits and the application forms at the Service Centre. We can also help you fill out the forms. You can apply electronically by visiting www.alltinn.no. You can also find information by visiting the website www.husbanken.no


When is the closing date to apply for housing benefits?

You have to be living in the house/apartment on the 1st of the month you are applying benefits for. The closing date is the 14th of every month.

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(The service centre)

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PB 123, Sentrum, 3502 Hønefoss

Phone:  +47 32 11 74 00 

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Monday-Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

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