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Map and surveying

Is obligation of residence and a licence/an official permission the same?

Answer: Obligation of residence is first and foremost a Norwegian legal phenomenon which means that farm land or a house has to be a year round residence. The obligation can either be personal or impersonal. Personal obligation of residence means that a certain person has to reside on the property. Impersonal obligation of residence requires that a certain building must be used as a year round residence, independent of whom is living there.


What is sectioning?

Sectioning is converting a property into several units.


Where can I get property information such as: land number/title number, the size of the ground, title holder?

Servicetorget has all information regarding properties in the municipality.


What forms are to be used for confirming that an official licence is not necessary?

Answer: You need to use the form: “Egenerklæring om konsesjonsfrihet ved erverv av fast eiendom m.v.” (SLF-0360B). This is a statement you make stating the fact that an official licence is not necessary when acquiring real estate etc.


Where can I order the different GAB-reports?

Infoland: https://www.infoland.no/wps/infoland/#top  

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