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Ringerike - in brief

Geography and population

  • Ringerike is located in the county of Buskerud, 50 kilometers north-west of Oslo.
  • The total area of Ringerike is 1 553 square kilometers.
  • The population is approximately 30 000.
  • The administrative center of Ringerike is Hønefoss.
  • Hønefoss is located north of the lake Tyrifjorden by the river Begna, and has approximately 13 000 inhabitants.


  • Chief municipal executive (“rådmann”) is Mr. Tore Isaksen.
  • The municipality of Ringerike is the largest employer in the area and employs approximately 2 200 people and 1 600 man-labour years
  • The budget is 2 billion NOK.


  • The mayor (“ordfører”) of Ringerike is Mr. Kjell B. Hansen, representing The Labour Party.
  • The municipality is run by a coalition consisting of The Labour Party, The Conservative Party, The Christian People's Party and The Liberal Party.
  • The municipality council consists of 43 representatives.

Economy and industry

  • Ringerike’s economic basis is mainly agriculture, forestry and industry.
  • The largest industries are the concrete factory “Spenncon” and map production by “Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority”.


  • The municipality of Ringerike was created on 1 January 1964 after the merger of the town of Hønefoss and the rural municipalities of Hole, Norderhov, Tyristrand and Ådal. ( Hole became a separate municipality in 1977)
  • Ringerike has been mentioned in Norwegian history since the earliest times and there are many archaeological remains in the area.
  • Veien Cultural Heritage Park is one of Norway’s largest burial grounds from the late Iron Age.
  • The city of Hønefoss was founded in 1852.
  • The Coat-of-arms were granted on 16 June 1967. The arms show a gold ring on a red background. The colours red and gold represent royalty and are the royal colours of Norway. The ring is a canting symbol and at the same time symbolizes the unity of the area.
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