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The domestic violence shelter

– do You need us?

The home has become a violent arena for many people, a place of assault and violation of human rights. This can manifest itself in many ways. Violence can be physical - psychological - sexual - material – structural.

Do You need someone to talk to – someone you can trust? We are here for You!

We can offer you:

  • Temporary accommodation for you and your children
  • Someone who will really listen to what you have to say
  • Information about your rights and opportunities
  • Help to make contact with a doctor, lawyer, the police, social services or other offices
  • Support and protection if this is necessary
  • Follow up of your case and situation over time if this is your wish
  • A variety of alternatives for both you and your children.

While you are with us it’s You who decides!
Your life is your responsibility, our task is to provide you with all necessary information and perhaps help you along the path to a better life. We will never try to make your decisions for you - you have the right to decide for yourself.

A stranger in Norway?
We often meet people from other countries and cultures. We can help you to understand your rights and seek help to realise your opportunities here in Norway.

”Help to self-help”
We work according to the principle ”help to selfhelp”. Our aim is to ensure that you get the help you need so that you can help yourself to build a better future.

Full confidence – total confidentiality
All domestic violence shelters in Norway are sworn to secrecy!

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The domestic violence shelter in Hønefoss

T: 32 17 06 90

Open 24/7 - all year

Visiting adress
Hov Allé 32, 3515 Hønefoss

Postal adress
Postboks 1193 Flattum
3503 Hønefoss

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